Thursday, October 22, 2009

{molly & valerie | wedding}

Molly & Valerie | October 10, 2009
Knollwood Country Club

Molly and Valerie were married at Knollwood Country Club on October 10, 2009, well technically. Molly and Valerie had their event on 10/10/09 but were actually married previously when same sex marriage was legal. They had kept it secret from everyone (as you can see from the bridal parties expressions) and announced it during their ceremony. It was a very special and emotional moment they shared with everyone and I am glad I was part of it and able to capture family and friends reactions. It was a beautiful day for Molly and Val to be married and we had such a good time. The photo sessions were awesome and the bridal party was a riot. I had a blast with you guys and hope everyone else did as well. Congratulations Molly and Valerie.

P.S. Don't forget to click on the images to view them larger. Enjoy


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